Cincinnati Reds Keeping An Eye On Tony Cingrani's Inning Count

By Coop Ledford
Jim Cowsert-USA Today Sports

Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Tony Cingrani, has been nothing less than excellent this year. Cingrani was called up from Triple-A Louisville after Johnny Cueto was first placed on the disabled list, then he was sent back down to Triple-A when Cueto was healthy again. A few weeks later, Cueto needed to go back on the DL, so Cingrani was brought back up.

When Cueto first went down, a lot of Reds fans were worried because their team’s ace and Opening Day starter was injured. They though the starting pitching would get worse. Well, it didn’t. Cingrani has been superb for the Reds; he is 6-2 and has an ERA of 2.78, that’s pretty darn good.

When you watch Cingrani pitch, you would think he’s been in the big beagues for 10 years, but then you remember that he’s only 24-years-old and still a rookie. He is having a lot of success right now and has an even brighter future. The Reds would hate to ruin his future by overworking him, so they will monitor his innings.

So far this season, Cingrani has pitched 125.1 innings. John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer asked Reds pitching coach Bryan Price about Tony’s innings limit: “We have not set anything in stone. From our philosophy, it would suggest we’ll monitor his usage.”

Cingrani is one of the best young pitchers in baseball right now, and he will likely be a staple in the Reds’ rotation for years and years to come, so it would be wise to make sure he does not work too much, so he can have success in the future.

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