Minnesota Twins Further Embarrass The Land Of 10,00 Lakes With Franchise Record 10th Straight Home Loss

By Caroline Ponessa
Rick Osentoski – USA Today Sports

After being swept by the Toronto Blue Jays Sunday afternoon for the second straight home series, the Minnesota Twins have hit a franchise milestone with their 10th consecutive loss at Target Field.

As negative as it is, at least the Twins have accomplished something this year.

Watching manager Ron Gardenhire squirm in yet another post game interview is one of the more painful experiences that is repeatedly endured by Twins fans. The Twins have reached a season low, after reaching 80 losses on Sunday and subsequently falling 16 games under .500. I’m not entirely sure who or what the Twins have to blame here, besides themselves.

In their third season at Target Field, the Twins should be used to their new stadium by now. I’m sure it’s demoralizing to walk into a stadium sparse with fans, knowing that the few that did show up are probably only there to enjoy the weather, but whose fault is that?

It’s a good thing Minnesota sports fans are accustomed to this kind of heartbreak. The Twins’ milestone loss on Sunday occurred just minutes after the Minnesota Vikings suffered yet another come-from-behind loss at the hands of the Detroit Lions, of all teams. Yet, year after year, we keep coming back for more.

In the case of the Twins, the failures are only getting worse. It’s hard to maintain faith in a team who, amidst their third losing season, continues to make bumbling errors in the field and executes with runners in scoring position worse than my 5-year-old cousin’s tee-ball team.

But alas, we are Minnesota fans and we won’t give up.

Did we give up when the Twins relinquished their spot in the 2008 playoffs to the hated Chicago White Sox with a 1-0 loss in the one-game, post season tie breaker? No.

Did we give up when the Vikings threw away the 2009-10 NFC Championship to the New Orleans Saints after being called for a brainless 12 men in the huddle penalty? No.

Did we give up when the Minnesota Timberwolves traded Kevin Garnett to the Boston Celtics? No.

Did we give up when we, the state of hockey, lost our beloved North Stars to Dallas? No.

Though we probably should have a long time ago, we have never given up.

Now is not the time to turn our backs on the Twins. The present is bleak, but so long as we are Minnesota sports fans, the future will always look astoundingly bright.

Caroline Ponessa is a Minnesota Twins writer for RantSports.com. Follow her on Twitter @sweetCaro_____

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