Could the Atlanta Hawks Realistically Land Chris Paul, Dwight Howard?

By Danny Nicks
Dwight Howard - Atlanta Hawks
Daniel Shirey – USA TODAY Sports

With all the hoopla surrounding the Atlanta Hawkspotential tampering charges after mentioning Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in a letter to ticker buyers. Not only has it turn into quite the online circus, but curious eyes are now refocusing on the Hawks as legitimate suitors for either stars, and rightfully so.

The Hawks will enter the summer with only three players under contract, loads of flexibility and under a new regime rich in the San Antonio Spurs culture, which more or less means they might actually know what they’re doing.

As for the likelihood that Atlanta land either Paul or Howard? Well, both players have an interesting past with the city, for whatever that’s worth.

On the one hand, you have Paul. Who was rumored to have expressed an interest in playing for the team prior to being passed on for Marvin Williams in the 2005 draft. Eight years later, that basically means absolutely nothing. But take it for what it’s worth — maybe there’s still some lingering interest there. Maybe.

On the other hand, you have Howard. Who’s never expressed an interested in playing for his hometown of Atlanta, but grew up playing AAU basketball with free agent Josh Smith. Making their friendship something that could potentially influence Howard’s decision should the Hawks opt to re-sign Smith.

Although it’s worth noting that while the joining of Smoove and Howard on the Hawks might make for an awesome 2K14 experience, their temperamental nature and offensive deficiencies could make for one hell of a headache.

In short, the Hawks can offer money and the opportunity to rebuild a franchise from the ground up. So is it possible either Paul or Howard could find their way to Atlanta? Sure, why not. But is it just as likely Paul will re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers or that Howard will make his way to the Houston Rockets? Pretty much.

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