Miami Heat Forward Chris Bosh Fined $5,000 For Game 4 Flop, Another Lackluster Penalty From NBA

By Paul Seaver
Soobum Im-USA Today Sports

Another game, another flop, another meaningless fine.

That’s the story less than 24 hours after Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh jettisoned himself from the block to the three point line in one of the most obvious flops of this year’s playoffs. On Friday afternoon, the NBA announced a $5,000 fine for Bosh. Shocking.

The Heat have become more and more notorious for flopping throughout this playoff run and the criticism surrounding them in doing so has been rightfully earned.

However, as much as this is on the Heat, it’s also about the NBA, which continuously allows these situations to occur.

Now granted, the NBA isn’t going to throw a new rule into the mix midway through the NBA Finals, but something needs to be done or addressed. In turn however, this is just as much on the referees as it is on Bosh.

While Bosh made it appear as if San Antonio Spurs’ veteran Tim Duncan pushed him from the block to the three point line, the ref fell for it. They should be held accountable to the same extent. Everybody knows that flopping is ruining the NBA game and in turn, it’s causing crucial plays in the NBA to be misjudged. The referees however, are seemingly giving in. Bosh clearly flopped on the play that earned him a $5,000 fine, but regardless, the call went in his favor.

Bosh is basically paying $5,000 to get that call.

A flop is not a foul, that’s the point. So why is the whistle being blown?

This issue needs addressing this off-season, that’s the only way to solve this ongoing problem.


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