2013 NBA Draft: Tim Hardaway Jr. Would be Perfect Pick for Indiana Pacers

By Dylan Hughes
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers have the 23rd pick in this year’s draft and are looking for a backup point guard and/or a big time scorer off the bench. After two days of working out prospects, Indiana might have already found their perfect match.

That perfect match is Tim Hardaway Jr. out of Michigan. Hardaway Jr. is a great shooter with tremendous range, but doesn’t settle for the jump-shot. He finishes at the rim, and is also very athletic. Hardaway Jr. also fits into Indiana’s play-style. Indiana likes to get up and down the court fast, which is how Michigan’s system is. It wouldn’t be tough for him to learn the system as he has already been playing in it with the Wolverines.

Hardaway Jr. has been working on his ball-handling, and it seems to be showing after his workout with the Pacers. Hardaway Jr. only averaged about two turnovers a game in three years of college, which is good for a scorer. Indiana had a big problem with turnovers this season, so having someone come off the bench who scores and doesn’t turn the ball over would be huge.

Not only can Hardaway Jr. score, he can also defend, rebound and play the leadership role every team needs. Indiana’s bench especially could use a leader, so there is another reason Hardaway Jr. would fit well.

Hardaway Jr. just seems like the perfect player for the Pacers to pick with their 23rd pick in the draft. He has so many good attributes to his game, and should adapt into Indiana’s system easily and quickly if he was drafted there. Indiana has a lot of options to choose from in this year’s draft, but Hardaway Jr. should definitely be atop their list.

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