Miami Heat Hilariously Shut Out Drake From Their Locker Room Last Night

By Ben Grimaldi
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Some things in this world are just too good to not watch and the incident with rapper Drake last night is one of those. Drake is a big Miami Heat fan and all he wanted to do was celebrate with his favorite team last night, when this happened:

The only thing better than Drake getting dissed would be if Justin Bieber would have been turned away first. In all honesty though, Drake has no business being in the locker room since he’s not a member of the Heat and they deserve to celebrate as a team. Drake had nothing to do with the Heat winning the NBA title and he shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy their success; he should have to celebrate like the rest of the Heat fans, with a t-shirt and bragging rights.

Drake should stick to singing hooks instead of trying to be part of something he doesn’t deserve, like being called a rapper. He’s one of the worst rappers in history and his rise to fame as a “rapper” continues to baffle me.

It’s also refreshing to see a celebrity get turned away from preferential treatment. You didn’t see any other average fan trying to get into the Miami Heat locker room last night and it was nice to see Drake get put in his place. Finally the arrogance of a celebrity caught up to one.

Hopefully the next time a celebrity tries to sneak into a sports locker room, they’ll think twice about it. Unless it’s Justin Bieber, I think we’d all like to see that rejection.

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