Miami Heat: Is Chris Bosh Worth Keeping?

By Jared Doyle
Chris Bosh
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

Bringing home back-to-back championships for your franchise is every city’s dream. Many cities’ fans starve for even a glimmer of hope during the playoffs, let alone a Finals berth. What the Miami Heat have attained beyond great — it is extraordinary.

What is so ironic about this championship is the lack of faith and trust the Heats core Big Three received throughout the rigorous stretches of May and June. With both Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade struggling mightily throughout the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals, LeBron James had to implore his aggressive style of play alone.

Even with the Heat’s narrow victory over the San Antonio Spurs to clinch the title, weaknesses have now arisen that could serve as a blueprint to finally beat this legendary team in a seven-game series. Having aggressive size in the frontcourt is like kryptonite for this Heat squad. This was made clear in both the Conference Finals and Finals.

With the Heat limited in trade options or salary cap space, Bosh’s name has been mentioned in potential offseason movement. Although this may seem like a viable option considering how he didn’t even register a point in Game 7 of this year Finals, Bosh is vital to how this team flows.

Bosh spaces the floor in a way that allows the Heat’s odd offense to flourish. Let’s be perfectly clear: the Heat will not find a mid-level exception player who brings the type of defensive intensity that Bosh brings.

He may not be the double-double machine he was in Toronto, but there are tangibles there that should not be squandered. His clutch rebound that led to the Ray Allen 3-point dagger in Game 6 is symbolic of Bosh’s entire career so far with the Miami Heat.

He may not have huge numbers throughout a game, but delivers his all when the team needs him to.

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