Orlando Magic Have Bright Spot in their Future with Victor Oladipo

By Dave Daniels
Victor Oladipo
Jerry Lai- USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic had some dark moments in the last couple years, but they have a bright spot in their future in Victor Oladipo. He can been called the Michael Jordan of this year’s draft and although that type of praise is not quite warranted yet it is definitely a compliment to Oladipo’s work ethic and drive.

They should really use him at point guard next year, but we will just have to see what happens. He shined in the summer league, but it will be revealing to see what he can do against better competition. He shined in a lot of different ways this summer though which indicate hope for the future.

Oladipo was a star in college and his adjustment to the pros will be fascinating to watch. Playing for a high profile program and then dominating the summer are both good signs for the young man and here is hoping that they play him mostly at point guard, because it just makes the most sense for God’s sake. Just stay tuned in to Rant Sports to get all the latest updates and any feedback is always appreciated.

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