Jeremy Lin’s Offers Up Sob Story, But Houston Rockets Are Hardly To Blame

Jeremy Lin crying on the bench

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin isn’t the only person on planet Earth undergoing a tough transition from nobody to megastar. For instance, just take one look at the tabloids and you’ll see Justin Bieber  former national sweetheart — peeing in a mop bucket or having his tour bus searched for drugs. Long story short, Lin shouldn’t be crying and complaining about his shortcomings and should instead appreciate his stardom.

Even still, Lin recently talked about his time with the Houston Rockets and naturally blamed his initial season in Houston on the Rockets’ coaching staff. Well, if a Harvard-grad and soft-spoken guy like Lin is causing problems within the Houston organization then Dwight Howard is going to have a whole mess of people fired!

When Lin first burst onto the scene with the New York Knicks, he was known as an offensive juggernaut who was pretty much expected to drop 20 points a night. Of course, his rather unique background made him famous and the media understandably changed his life. However, Lin showed weakness with this quote as he blamed everyone but himself:

“The coaches were losing faith in me; basketball fans were making fun of me.”

First off, the Houston guard was just as good in 2012 as he was in 2011, so let’s not act like he has some putrid season and was portrayed as a villain across town, because that wasn’t the case. Secondly, Lin saying something like this shows he pays attention to NBA people like me, which means also means he has a lower-than-usual self esteem.

Sorry, but I’m won’t be attending the pity party, Jeremy.

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  • truthful

    Self off steam? Really?!

    • bgsteelfan

      The correction made it all better, lol. :)

  • Devin O’Barr

    Thank you for the input, sir. Any opinion on the subject of the article?

    • bgsteelfan

      It’s NOT corrected. You just replaced one incorrect word with another. The word is Self ESTEEM, not self of steam. He isn’t taking a hot shower. Please learn proper verb conjugation, or at least go back over and fix the 5 or 6 glaring errors in this article. The verb tense and other grammatical errors made this very hard to follow. I think you were calling Lin weak minded, but I honestly can’t even get your point through all the errors.

  • TradeLintoLakers

    need to learn to type and spell correctly… sorry i wont be attending your english lesson…

    on the real topic i dont believe or think lin was blaming anyone. he was stating what he felt and what he think happened. its HIS (and he has the right to his own opinion or perceptive of things) view on how it went down and why he lost his game time.

    it was all to do with his initial expectation EITHER he created for himself when he signed or mislead by the ROX organisation… PRE HARDEN trade.

    things happen or happened and vision or direction changed. he didnt adapt. That is his only flaw….

  • Edward Lee

    As a journalist, you’ve failed to provide an accurate representation of Lin’s speech and instead chose to take one line completely out of context and manipulate the message to fit your baseless argument. The notion that Lin placed any blame for his unsteady performance on his coaching staff is a downright lie.

    There’s no pity party as you falsely describe. Lin essentially went Joel Osteen on these impressionable young people and like so many motivational speakers, how you tell the story is as important as the story itself. In order to capitalize on his cautionary message, he had to frame his new found success, fame and fortune with examples of the darker side – the expectations he placed on himself and the pressures of being in the spotlight.
    This was completely lost on you and this article.

  • Selang Tjhin

    stupid journalist