Jared Sullinger Reportedly Turns Self In on Domestic Violence Charges; Future Becomes Uncertain

By Andrew Fisher
Jared Sullinger Boston Celtics
Tim Fuller-USA Today Sports

Can we go one week without reports of a professional athlete being abusive towards women? Jared Sullinger has now joined the long-list of athletes to allegedly be involved in domestic violence. The latest reports state that Sullinger turned himself into police on Tuesday, after an incident that took place over the weekend with his significant other.

The Boston Celtics power forward is reportedly being charged with assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and witness intimidation following the incident.

So it appears that Sullinger not only lost his cool, he then went on to break things and possibly threaten his significant other to not say anything. The only smart thing he’s done, is turn himself into police. I think I’m going to label these three charges as the ‘trifecta of douchery.’

Of course, Sullinger will get his chance to tell his side of the story. That’s his right as an American, but how often do allegations like this turn out to be completely false? The PF likely did something that was over the line with his significant other and now he must face the consequences. With a reputation of already being injury-prone and coming off of back surgery, Sullinger may have already put his future with the Celtics in question. They might not want him back if these allegations turn out to be true. If they do in fact turn out to be accurate, I wouldn’t blame them one bit for moving on from a guy who’s clearly immature.


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