San Antonio Spurs Should Be Pleased with Cory Joseph's Play For Team Canada

By Dave Daniels
Brendan Maloney- USA TODAY Sports

Cory Joseph is really showing off a complete game for Team Canada, and that must put a smile on the face of R.C. Buford. The general manager of the San Antonio Spurs has a wealth of talent next season, and it will be interesting to see how the backcourt shakes out next year. Joseph is starting to become too good of a player to keep on the bench, but would it make more sense to trade him for draft picks later or have him play minutes over the other guards in the lineup? Hard to say, but in any case Buford and the Spurs have quite a good problem here, and hoping that Joseph gets more of a chance to shine next season. As you can see from the tweet below, Joseph has been playing brilliantly for Team Canada, and they are quite close to qualifying.

You can bet that many other Spurs are keeping track of Joseph, and if the young man continues to develop then we could be looking at one of the best young guards in the league. He certainly fits the Spurs mold, but they may be better served down the line by trading Joseph to a team where he can be relied upon. In San Antonio, he is just another talented fish in a sea full of them.

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