Toronto Raptors PF Amir Johnson Loses Tug of War Match to Elephant

By Dave Daniels
Paul Abell- USA TODAY Sports

Pretty humorous video below which is worth checking out of power forward Amir Johnson playing tug-of-war with an elephant in Thailand.

Feel free to reread that sentence again, it certainly took me a while to let that all sink in. We all know Johnson is strong, but he was not able to overcome the behemoth animal in the battle of wills. Good thing Johnson will not have to post up on an elephant next season, and for the sake of Toronto Raptors’ fans just send out hope that Johnson stays out of the way of large mammals for the rest of the fall.

Johnson did not make a whole lot of headlines last season, and he will need to show an improved game if the Raptors are to have a better record. Not sure if they even want a better record though.

The Raptors will most likely land in the lottery again, and if they were wise they would make sure they have the worst record in the league. Forward Andrew Wiggins said over the summer he would like to play for the Raptors one day, and that would be amazing to see him play in front of Canadian fans. It probably will not go down that way, but maybe if somewhere out there a young Canadian wishes upon a star, then something magical could happen.

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