Doc Rivers Praises the Heck Out of Kevin Garnett

By Andrew Fisher
Doc Rivers
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We all knew we were witnessing the end of an era this past spring. The Boston Celtics had a great run under head coach Doc Rivers, which included an NBA title back in 2008. The heart and soul of the Rivers-led Celtic teams was no doubt Kevin Garnett. The legendary power forward embodied the team’s fighting spirit and there’s no doubt the Celtics would have never reached the heights they did in those years without him.

Rivers and Garnett have of course both moved on to new teams for the 2013-14 season, but Rivers recently made some comments which are going to lead people to believe that he’d love to coach KG once again some day:

“He’s the single best athlete that I’ve ever been around as far as being a team guy. He’s as ‘team’ of a star as I’ve ever seen. A lot of stars are stars, but he’s unselfish, to a fault at times, but every coach should be able to coach Kevin Garnett just to see what a true team player should be.”

Rivers also said that KG could have scored another 10,000 points in his career if he wasn’t so unselfish and that he wishes Boston fans could have gotten to know his true personality.

In other Celtics’ news, the former coach also admitted that in hindsight, the Kendrick Perkins trade was a mistake. He noted that the team ‘really needed the toughness.’ I think a lot of basketball fans saw the same thing, but it’s all irrelevant now.


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