Erick Green's Four Step Travel That the Refs Didn't Call (Video)

By Anthony Lenahan
Rob Kinnan-USA Today Sports

Erick Green was treated like the nation’s leading scorer today when he took four steps, starting five feet behind the three point line and managed to get a lay-up that he would eventually miss.  Some would say the ball doesn’t lie because Green missed the shot after a no call, but the bigger question is how did the refs manage to miss such an obvious travel?

Take a look at Green’s glide across the entire half court while the refs watched in awe as if he had superpowers:

I mean, how can you not call that as a college basketball ref?  They get paid to officiate the game and heck a five year old child could have made that call.  You don’t even need to count the steps you just need to know it is impossible for you to travel that much distance with only two steps.

In the NBA they get away with three steps at times, but they never, ever get away with four.

On a bright side for Green, he was able to continue his scoring dominance as he put up 29 points and recorded eight assists for Virginia Tech in their valiant upset attempt against North Carolina State.

Green leads the nation in scoring, but it hasn’t been enough to carry his team to March, but that can’t take away the type of season he has had.  When you are the leading the league in scoring and dominating the game, sometimes the refs will let you get away with stuff and that is what happened to Green, just ask LeBron James about getting away with calls.

Green was doing his dancing on the court in February because he won’t be doing any in March, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great player.

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