DePaul Blue Demons Need A Miracle

By Trevor Lowry
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The DePaul Blue Demons had yet another bad year in the 2012-13 college basketball season. With that said, this team needs a miracle.

Who knows if DePaul will ever be good in college basketball. The way it is looking most people would have to say no. The Blue Demons have not made the NCAA Tournament in very a long time and they are not making any progress towards that feat.

Let’s just take a look at this season. DePaul finished with an overall record of 11-21. Talking about crushing it. In Big East play, the Blue Demons won two whole games. I feel really bad for those two teams that DePaul beat (Providence and Rutgers). Between those two victories, this team managed to go on two pretty long streaks. Not the kind you want or anything like that, but still. The first streak consisted of losing nine games in a row and the second streak–which closed out the season–was a seven-game losing streak.

This team was pretty much a tuneup game for everyone in the conference, so it was only right if they lost so many games in a row to close out the season.

Things do not look like they will get any better in the near future. At least no signs are pointing to a positive season anytime soon. With that said, DePaul will be getting a 4-star recruit next season, so hopefully he can help this team in some way.

There was not much good in this season, and fans can only hope that things will get better, but for now, DePaul will continue to be an easy matchup to look forward to for opposing teams.


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