A Surprising Truth About the Saint Mary's Gaels' Schedule This Past Season

By Trevor Lowry
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Under the Matthew Dellavedova era or whatever you would like to call it over the past couple of years, the Saint Mary’s Gaels saw a lot of success. However, the team did not beat a single power conference team this past season.

Although that did not seem to play a big role on making the 2013 NCAA Tournament, since the Gaels were apart of the tournament field, it may have had to do something with their seeding. Saint Mary’s touched the top 25 this season, yet they still could only manage a No. 11 seed in the dance.

That is pretty harsh for a team that won 28 games on the season.

What is even more surprising than not beating a single power conference team is the fact that Saint Mary’s only played one of those teams, in Georgia Tech.

Although conferences like the MWC and Atlantic 10 were just as good as most power conferences this season, it clearly still makes a different in actually beating major conference teams rather than mid-majors. If that was not the case, then the Gaels wouldn’t have received such a bad seed in the Big Dance.

However, it can definitely be argued that the Gaels earned a No. 11 seed because their conference was weak and they really did not play anyone in their non-conference schedule. Gonzaga was clearly a good team this season, but Saint Mary’s could not manage a single victory against the Bulldogs and it played them three times on the year.

The main thing is that Saint Mary’s was able to make the tourney field, but it is still interesting to note that this team only played one power conference team on the year.


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