Saint Mary's Gaels Are One of the Teams Highlighting the 2013 Diamond Head Classic

By Trevor Lowry
Saint Mary's Gaels
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Diamond Head Classic may not be one of the most famous early season tournaments in college basketball, but it will still have some notable teams in the 2013-14 season. One of those teams is the Saint Mary’s Gaels.

The Gaels will no longer have Matthew Dellavedova on the team, but he was not the only good player. Sure, he was great to say the least, but there were plenty of other talented players on Saint Mary’s.

Those players will now have to step up in the upcoming season and winning the Diamond Head Classic would be a good start.

Other teams playing in the tourney will be Akron, Boise State, George Mason, Hawaii, Iowa State, Oregon State and South Carolina.

Boise State and Iowa State definitely have the teams to win the entire thing, but Saint Mary’s cannot be counted out. Still, Boise State and Iowa State should make the 2014 NCAA Tournament and coming away with the trophy in this one would certainly help reach that feat.

Saint Mary’s has been a notable mid-major team over the years and I do not expect it to disappear just because one really good player is leaving.

This will be a very intriguing tournament outside of the major ones. It could possibly host a few teams that will make the Big Dance in the upcoming season. However, this tourney has plenty of competition and the winner is going to remain a mystery–since there really isn’t a clear cut favorite–until the champion is actually crowned.

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