Missouri vs. Arkansas: Matchup Could Be Crucial in Long Run For NCAA Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas and Missouri could make the NCAA tournament this year. Both teams could also miss out on it. That is why the matchup between the two will be so crucial in the long run for the Big Dance.

It may not even be February, but who cares. Instead of making a run at a tournament bid in early March, why not impress the tournament committee now.

Arkansas comes into this contest with an overall record of  13-6 and SEC record of 2-4. Its best wins have come against Minnesota, SMU, Clemson and Kentucky. The Razorbacks don’t have any bad losses as of right now, so they are in good shape.

Missouri has an overall record of 15-4 and an SEC record of 3-3. The Tigers really only have one key win against UCLA, but it has also beaten North Carolina State. The loss against Vanderbilt could end up haunting this team come March.

Both teams need the victory just as bad as the other one, but Arkansas is the lucky team that will be playing at home. The Razorbacks do not lose at home. Well, unless if they play the Florida Gators who needed overtime to pull off a victory on Jan. 11. May I remind you that Florida is now ranked as high as No. 3.

I would like to say both of these teams will make the dance, but who knows if that will actually be the case. At this rate, since the SEC is so underrated, it will only get three teams into the field of 68.

This matchup is probably more important for Arkansas just because it will have to travel to Missouri on Feb. 13. Therefore, it cannot afford to lose at home because it very well could lose to the Tigers on the road.

Regardless, a victory would be a great win for either team.

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