New York Jets Season Goes Up In Smoke In Seattle

By Harry Dole


New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets playoff hopes kissed the dirt in Seattle with a 28-7 blowout loss to the Seahawks.  Joe Nicholson – USPRESSWIRE


During a precedent setting week where the state of Washington had passed an initiative to decriminalize marijuana, it was only appropriate that the stinky green and white clad New York Jets would be the first team to visit Seattle.  The way the Jets played and were coached, you would think they were toking from the time they stepped off the airplane.

In what can only be described as an offensive comedy of errors with one giggle after another, the New York Jets were ripped by the Seattle Seahawks 28-7 at CenturyLink Field, delivering a crushing blow to their playoff hopes and a boon to their 2013 NFL Draft position.  The game can be summed up in just two bonehead plays, a trademark of the Gang Green’s very forgettable 2012 campaign.

With the score tied 7-7 and 11:06 remaining in the second quarter, the Jets were driving and had a 3rd and goal at the Seahawks one yard line.  Enter QB Tim Tebow, who lines up in an inexplicable shotgun formation with a raucous Seahawk crowd near the endzone. Not being able to hear Tebow and unfamiliar with his cadence, TE Dustin Keller moves early for a false start.

Now it is 3rd and goal from the 6 yard line.  With the Jets confusing musical chair quarterback situation now in full swing, QB Mark Sanchez re-enters the game and drops back to pass from the shotgun.  After being given protection which amounted to no less than an eternity and a half, Sanchez telegraphed a pass near the right side endzone pylon which was picked off by the Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman at the three yard line.  End of momentum and end of game.

The bumbling Jets coaching staff have failed miserably in properly implementing Tebow this season. Two out of the last three losses are as a direct result of using Tebow poorly in key situations.  As Jet fans will recall a few weeks ago,  the team blew a golden opportunity against the New England Patriots by inserting Tebow on a first down after a Pats fumble on a kickoff late in regulation.

In essence, the Jets coaching staff took the entire bye week to devise the same exact failed plays they were using prior to the bye week.  Hey man, wow!  At this point of the season, the Jets are a spaced out bunch.  All season, the team has lacked the imagination and creativity of a successful football team.  The same play was called for Tebow from the same formation on four occasions.  Four for four might be great in baseball, but this is football.

As the Jets left Seattle with their season quickly going up in smoke, they took their offensive stench with them.  Next week, it will be Saint Louis’ turn to hold their nose.

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