Colin Kaepernick To Start Over Alex Smith in Week 12

By Riley Schmitt
Kyle Terada – US PRESSWIRE

We have ourselves a full blown controversy going on in San Francisco. It appears that Colin Kaepernick will be the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers over Alex Smith. It appears that Smith will not get the job back, even when he is healthy.

This is a very dangerous move for the 49ers.  You can not go back to Smith after this.  I be he will mentally check out after this news.  They have to hope that Monday night was not a flash in the pan moment for Kaepernick.  There is evidence that he will be just fine as a starting QB but you never know.  If he fails, Smith might be too far gone to go back to.

The fact that is not injury related is what makes it trick.  You just benched a guy who had an amazing record the last two years for you.  That is something that might end up dividing a locker room.  I bet the team is above that sort of thing but you never know what goes in a place like that.

This is going to generate some big time headlines.  It is rare to see a guy get benched after he gets hurt.  Normally he has a shot to get his job back but that is not the case in San Francisco.  This will certainly make their next game much more interesting.


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