Rapper 'The Game' Thinks Jay Cutler Can Lead San Francisco 49ers To Playoffs

By RanterX

TMZ recently caught up with West Coast rapper  ‘The Game‘ during a charity walk and asked him what he thinks about longtime Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler possibly joining his beloved San Francisco 49ers.

From TMZ:

“[Jay could] bring us back to playoff contention,” Game explained … “We need somebody stable and Jay Cutler has been stable his whole career.”

While it might initially sound like a crazy statement, and the 49ers obviously won’t be a playoff team in 2017 no matter who they play under center, signing Cutler could actually be a good move for the right price.

San Francisco desperately needs a stop-gap quarterback until it can find a long-term answer, and bringing back Blaine Gabbert to start doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Obviously, after opting out of his contract, Colin Kaepernick‘s days in San Francisco are over, so the Niners must sign a veteran and also hope to find their future gunslinger in the 2017 NFL Draft.



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