Ndamukong Suh: Detroit Lions Star Fined $30,000 For Accident

By Chris Katje

Several days after being told he wouldn’t get suspended for his latest controversial move, Ndamukong Suh has been hit with a $30,000 fine by the NFL. The Detroit Lions defensive tackle’s fine was announced Wednesday.

The fine is the fourth of Suh’s short NFL career. Suh was previously fined $20,000 for a hit on Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, $7,500 for a hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme and $15,000 for a hit on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Suh has now been fined over $70,000 in three seasons. Lucky for Suh, he has a five year $68 million contract from the Lions to pay for these ridiculous fines.

Suh was the target once again of an all out media blitz over an accidental kick to the groin area of Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. Suh’s playing style and character were the center of attention by NFL analysts, including Boomer Esiason who called Suh a dirty player and said he would not shake his hand.

Schaub recently told a Houston radio station that he would not want Suh as a teammate. Monday, the NFL decided not to suspend Suh, as they could not prove the kick was intentional. It seems kind of hard to intentionally kick someone while being tackled to the ground and landing on your head. Suh had this to say about the incident, “I was dragged to the ground and my foot inadvertently hit the man.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in Detroit Wednesday as part of the Lions 19th annual Detroit Lions Courage House fundraiser. Goodell had this to say on the incident, “Intent is something that is very difficult for us to ever try to make a judgment on.” Goodell was asked particularly about the Suh incident and Jim Schwartz’s challenge flag during a question and answer segment with fans.

Suh wants to move past this incident saying, “But it’s over with and I am moving forward and getting ready to play the Colts.” I’d love to think that the media can do the same and move past here. Suh has 20 tackles and 4.5 sacks on the season. These marks are slight improvement from last season, but still a far cry from his amazing rookie season where he finished with 66 tackles and 10 sacks. Suh has huge motivation against the Indianapolis Colts to silence his critics.

Suh goes out and plays hard every play, every game. The defensive tackle continues to play hard and hit people as hard as he can, despite the possibility of being suspended or fined. If you worry too much about getting in trouble, you stop trying so hard and lighten up on the quarterback. I’m happy as a season ticket holder that Suh continues to go hard all game long. I hope $30,000 doesn’t slow him down and I hope the league leaves him alone and lets him play.

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