2000 Yards Foregone Conclusion For Calvin Johnson

By Andy Schmidt
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things I thought I would see watching football in my lifetime. One of those things is seeing a 2,000 yard season by a wide receiver. It is looking more and more likely though that it is going to occur as Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice’s single season receiving record Saturday night and is now just over 100 yards away from the 2,000 yard mark now with one game to go.

Johnson has had a ton of pressure on him all season long with teams throwing double teams at him as the Detroit Lions have had no running game to speak of for the whole season. Johnson was also on the cover of the Madden video game which has been a curse for so many players in the past and Megatron has avoided that too. It looks like nothing can stop him now after a performance in front of a national television audience that included over 220 yards receiving in breaking the single season record.

The Lions play the Chicago Bears for their final game of 2012 and it could be possible that Chicago won’t be playing for anything either just like Detroit. Johnson could find himself having a day for the ages if both teams really don’t care who wins or loses in theory. Johnson should find another 100 yards next week to break another set of records and break a mark that no receiver has even touched. In a week where there may be several games that don’t mean anything, watching to see if Johnson breaks 2,000 yards will be worth sitting in front of the TV for.

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