Harbaugh Bowl: Will We All Starve on Super Bowl Sunday?

By Ben Grimaldi
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

First things first, ask any one of my friends and they’ll tell you that there is no one that likes buffalo wings more than I do! They are quite possibly the best food on the planet and they go hand in hand with sports, and in particular, football.

That’s why I almost lost my mind when I read there is a possible chicken wing shortage! No chicken wings means no buffalo wings and shock quickly ran through me when I thought of the prospect of not having buffalo wings to eat for the Super Bowl. I clung to the hope that the rumors weren’t true and I took to the computer to hopefully find erroneous reports. Thankfully I did!

According to rawstory.com, there is nothing to fear. Of course, that wasn’t enough for a person who could live on buffalo wings alone so I read on and found the money quote from Tom Super from the US Department of Agriculture.

“There will be no wing shortage,” he said. “They might be a little more expensive, but there is and will be plenty to go around.”

Expensive, who cares about expenses at a time like this? The important thing is that we, especially me, can enjoy our Super Bowl Sunday with a nice plate, or two, of wings in front of us. The Super Bowl will not be ruined and I can get back to being excited about watching football for the last time this season.

You can cancel the fire department; I’m climbing down from the ledge.

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