Detroit Lions Make Right Move With Titus Young

By Andy Schmidt
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The saga of Titus Young and the Detroit Lions finally ended on Monday when the Lions released Young. It ends a long ordeal where Young basically begged the team to release him after Young’s conduct on and off the field. This becomes a case of a player that really shouldn’t get another job in the National Football League when you go that public with your displeasure. There are going to be teams who have zero interest in him for just that reason.

If Young is smart, he will take some time to figure out his life and learn to keep his mouth shut at least publicly about what is going on with his situation. There are tons of people in this country who are not happy with their jobs and they go out and vent to their friends about it but don’t go on Twitter or Facebook to do it. There is a line that can’t be crossed and Young has crossed that line. He will learn his lesson very quickly when no team picks up him before the 2013 season.

This should be a lesson as well for any player in the NFL who isn’t happy with his role. You can obviously just complain long enough to get out of any contract because you are unhappy. If you do that, you can be a free agent but don’t expect yourself to find another job right away. Young has become a disgrace to the game and hopefully we won’t have to hear about him anytime soon even though some team will take a chance on the talented wide receiver.

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