New York Jets: Rex Ryan and The Peter Principle

By Rodney Coe
New York Jets Rex Ryan
Joe Nicholson-US Presswire

NFL head coaches are the best coaches in all of football. At least that’s the principle. The statement is not true about New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. He follows another principle, The Peter Principle.

First introduced in 1968, “The Peter Principle” was an observation by Dr. Laurence J. Peter. He published a book by the same name. Dr. Peter stated that a “promotion to the higher-ranking job position may not necessarily reveal the employee’s incompetence, but rather the new position may require different skills the employee does not possess.”

Rex Ryan was a good defensive coordinator. With the Baltimore Ravens, Ryan’s defense ranked in the top five for yards allowed, three out of four years. Since his move to the Jets as a head coach, Ryan’s defense has only made number five one time in four years.

Has his rise to the next level of coaching demonstrated a certain lack of skill? Possible?

Head coaches need a higher level of professionalism. Ryan’s tirades, or guarantees, or just his mouth, makes you wonder how he became an NFL head coach.

If nothing else, how did Ryan handle the locker room the last couple of years? The Jet locker room and Mark Sanchez had turmoil even before Tim Tebow.

ESPN New York reported on Jan. 12, 2012, that the New York Daily News, “Had spoken to key Jets players and they anonymously questioned the young quarterback’s work ethic and said that the team might be better off with a QB like Peyton Manning, if the Colts made him available.” They went on to say, “We have to bring in another quarterback that will make [Sanchez] work at practice,” said one player, according to the newspaper. “He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.”

The Jets in 2012 were even worse. Tebow arrived to push Sanchez. They said it would be good for Sanchez. Then they said that’s too much pressure for him. Sanchez stinks it up all year, and Tebow barely plays, even in the wildcat. Tebow is the number two QB, no we can’t do that. Let’s put in Greg McElroy.

Why Rex Ryan? Leadership takes charge and makes tough decisions. Leaders lead. Defensive coaches are responsible for the defense. Head coaches are responsible for everything. Rex Ryan lacks the ability to handle the situation.

Now there are rumors about drafting Matt Barkley. They brought in David Garrard for a look. Could it all be happening because Rex Ryan isn’t leading as a head coach should?

At least we can watch Rex Ryan and The Peter Principle in reruns in 2013.

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