Rant Sports 2013 NFL Mock Draft: Chicago Bears select D.J. Fluker at No. 20

By Dale Casler
Daniel Shirey- USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have the 20th pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Bears have some pretty strong needs on the offensive line and at linebacker.  Another receiver to throw in the mix would be nice too. I went into the draft with five ranked players based on who I thought would still be around at number 20.  Keep in mind that there were also no trade options with this draft which in my mind is the best option for the Bears to try and land a third round pick.

I ended up choosing D.J. Fluker, OG from the Alabama Crimson TideI liked Jonathan Cooper, but he was taken already. Fluker will give another body to the Bears line that should only see benefits from his arrival.  With the addition of Jermon Bushrod and an additional pick besides Fluker, I believe the Bears will finally be working with something that resembles a legitimate offensive line.

I could have went linebacker.  I think Alec Ogletree was still available but I’m tired of the offensive line band-aid the Bears seem to be using. Gabe Carimi isn’t panning out and it’s time for another un-sexy line pick.  I like the pick up of James Anderson at linebacker but hate the D.J Williams signing.  I know his contract isn’t guaranteed but he’s no answer at the position.  My hope is that there’s second round talent available at linebacker.  That’s where we find another future starter hopefully.

My dream would be for J’Marcus Webb to conquer the RT position and Bushrod to anchor the blind side. From there, there’s a strong need for a Guard where Fluker could fill in immediately. If there is a trade in the first round for the Bears and they do get that third pick, I want a Center as well!  From rounds four on down we can start to look at a CB, DT and possibly another wideout long shot in the end.

But the reality is that the Bears line sucks.  It has sucked for a long time.  One guy isn’t going to fix the problem. The Bears started the redemption process with Bushrod and now must continue it by getting Fluker.  The guy comes from a title winning college program.  Excellence is preached down in Alabama and I think he’s a great addition to the team. Add another player and maybe, just maybe quarterback Jay Cutler doesn’t get killed in 2013.

At No. 21, the Cincinnati Bengals select…

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