San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Profile: Colt McCoy

By Lucas Carreras
May 22, 2013; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colt McCoy (2) throws the ball during organized team activities at the 49ers training complex.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing three seasons with the Cleveland Browns, Colt McCoy now finds himself as a backup quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers.

McCoy comes to the 49ers via a trade and with that, the chance to play with the 49ers offers him a chance at a new start at reviving his short career with a team that offers him something he has yet to have, stability.

With the Browns, McCoy has his struggles as he completed 58 percent of his passes, throwing 21 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. After having been a starter for parts of the 2010 and 2011 seasons, McCoy was relegated to being a backup to Brandon Weeden for the 2012 season.

So far in organized team activities (OTAs), McCoy has spent his time learning and picking up the 49ers’ offense while taking the majority of the snaps with the second-team offense. McCoy has done a good job in his transition with the 49ers, so much so that coach Jim Harbaugh has praised him for how he has picked up the offense.

Unlike his time with the Browns where he worked and practiced with the expectation of either being the starter or the possibility of being a starter, McCoy knows his role with the 49ers will be that of the backup to Colin Kaepernick.

Knowing that McCoy will be the backup, even if it has not been formally announced, means that McCoy knows what is expected of him and what his role will be. Something that in theory would have been an issue had Alex Smith remained on the team.

McCoy should serve as a quality backup quarterback that if needed could come in and play a few plays or a game and the team could still realistically perform well. McCoy fills a need that, although as fans you wish never to see him play other than when the game is a blowout, it’s nice to know that security blanket is there is needed.

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