Philadelphia Eagles' Colt Anderson Deserves Some Love

By Joseph Hickman
Colt Anderson Philadelphia Eagles
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I love the underdog. I love the guy that doesn’t make the “big-time” money and is willing to sacrifice everything on the field. To be honest, who doesn’t? It’s easy to root for the “little guy” out on the field, but there are those who stand out just a little more.

Last year was the season from hell. Whatever could go wrong did go wrong for the Philadelphia Eagles. You had players quitting, injuries, and lost coaches. They say you find out what type of a person you are when things look bleak and things are falling apart around you, and that is when you find out who will go that extra inch with you, no matter what the cost. The player that I am referring to is Eagles safety Colt Anderson.

It might seem that I am trying to glorify Colt, but really I’m not trying to do that. The dude deserves some love, though. Colt is the one the guy that you can say never stop caring last year. I am sure there were others that cared, but in my eyes it showed more with him.

Colt is only 5’10” and 194 pounds, but he is considered one of the better special teams players in the league.  Two years ago, he was on his way to the Pro Bowl before tearing his ACL and missing the final four games. He still led the team in special teams tackles (12). Last season he should’ve gone to the Pro Bowl but got snubbed.

Here is a guy that started last on the depth chart in the Eagles secondary and ended up being the best player on it.  He was solid against the pass, and he was a good tackler. His reckless abandon style was fun to watch.

I just want to say thank you, Colt. Thank you, for giving me some hope when there was none. Most of all, thank you for caring. I will drink a Colt 45 for you tonight, without the brown bag of course.

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