Buffalo Bills, Rest of AFC East, Helped Out By New England Patriots' Troubles

By Andrew Fisher
Buffalo Bills
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills are going to need every single advantage they can get this upcoming season to have any chance of competing in the AFC East. With new coaches and quarterbacks in place, they’re not exactly in position to make a run at the postseason yet. Playing in the same division with the New England Patriots, I’m sure many fans feel like the team is playing for second place right from the start of the year. But this offseason hasn’t been kind to the Patriots.

The blows just keep coming for New England. First they lost their best receiver in free agency, then their best tight end went under the knife twice, and now their other solid tight end has been released after being charged with murder. It once seemed like the Patriots’ offensive machine was indestructible, but now two key members are gone, and one’s future is very much in question.

I’m sure there are some hardcore Bills’ fans that are chuckling to themselves after all of New England’s misfortunes this offseason, but the reality is that those misfortunes, have opened the door for the other teams in the AFC East. I’m not saying that the Patriots are now vulnerable or in any jeopardy of losing their spot at the top of the division, but this is clearly not the same group of guys they’ve put on the field the last three years.

Opposing defenses in the division that have to face Tom Brady and the Pats’ offense twice a year, should have an easier time than they’ve had in years. The playing field has no doubt been leveled a bit in the AFC East.


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