Matt Ryan Won't Let Contract Be a Distraction

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Ryan
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret to Atlanta Falcons‘ fans that Matt Ryan‘s contract is expiring at the end of the season. So far it’s gone under the radar nationally, but talk is going to start heating up as the season approaches. If you want an example of what Ryan’s situation is like, look no further than Joe Flacco a year ago.

Just like the Flacco situation, the Falcons have an opportunity to lock up Ryan before the season, and potentially save themselves some money. The Baltimore Ravens ended up paying Flacco a lot more after he won the Super Bowl, and it’s not out of the question to think the same thing could happen to Ryan.

I believe the Falcons would be wise to just go ahead and re-up Matty Ice, because he’s shown he has what it takes to be a winner. There can’t be anybody within the Falcons organization who’s not sold on him yet, so why not just go ahead and pay the man?

The good news for Falcons’ fans is that regardless of whether or not a deal gets done before the season, Ryan is going to play just as hard. He’s not a guy who’s going to whine about money, he just wants to play football and win a championship. Sure, he’s going to let his agent do his job and get the most money he can, but it won’t change what he does on Sundays. Ryan knows he’s going to get paid one way or the other.


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