Dual Tight Ends for New Orleans Saints Will Cause Problems for Opponents

By Michael Terrill
Dual Tight Ends for New Orleans Saints Will Cause Problems for Opponents
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

When the New Orleans Saints signed tight end Benjamin Watson in the offseason, fans were thrilled with all of the possibilities a dual tight end system would bring to the explosive offense. There is no question Jimmy Graham is the rising star in the NFL at the tight end position, but giving him Watson to play off of just makes the group that much better. Not to mention, toss in Drew Brees as the quarterback throwing them the ball and all sorts of problems for opponents begin to emerge.

Graham’s numbers dropped off a bit in his third season in the league. With that being said, many that have seen him in the offseason say that he looks to be in the best shape of his life. More importantly, he looks healthy and determined to wreak havoc in 2013. The fact that Brees and Graham have had the entire offseason to work together means fantasy owners should expect a huge year out of the 26-year-old, and that is with Watson on the team.

Speaking of the former New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns tight end, Watson is just one more reason why New Orleans will once again have one of the top offenses in the NFC. He is not a top playmaker like Graham, but he certainly has done enough in his 10-year career for defensive players to keep an eye on him during games. That means that his presence alone will make the offense better.

With defenders constantly staying close to the two tight ends, Brees will be able to exploit the middle of the field. Not to mention, he also will be able to launch deep balls all day long with safeties coming up to grab either Graham or Watson.

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