Percy Harvin Ensures That Russell Wilson Won't Have Sophomore Slump

By Andrew Fisher
Seattle Seahawks
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When you look at the Seattle Seahawks‘ receiving corps from 2012, it wasn’t really dynamic. Golden TateDoug Baldwin and Sidney Rice are all good receivers, but certainly not elite-level talents. However, that’s definitely something you can say about the newest member of the group. Percy Harvin is about as dynamic as they come, and he’s most certainly a rare talent. The day he joined the roster, the Seahawks flat out became a better team.

Perhaps no one will benefit more from Harvin’s arrival than second-year quarterback Russell Wilson. After taking the league by storm in 2012, Wilson will be looking to take his game up a notch this year and get his team to the Super Bowl. Harvin is just the receiver to help him get there.

Anyone who watched Harvin during his time with the Minnesota Vikings knows that the strategy is real simple with the speedy receiver – get him the ball. Minnesota got him the rock anyway possible, often times by simple short passes. Having the quick wide out accessible nearly at all times made life much easier on the Minnesota QBs, and that same thing will happen for Wilson.

The sophomore quarterback now has the ultimate safety valve. Anytime the Seahawks need a quick five yards, Wilson can just take a step back and throw a dart to Harvin. If Christian Ponder can do it, Russell Wilson can do it.

To me, the addition of Harvin all but eliminates any chance of Wilson having a sophomore slump. He would have probably been fine with his ridiculous work ethic and last year’s receiving corps, but No. 11 will ensure that Wilson takes a step forward and not a step back in 2013.


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