What Does Colt McCoy's Injury Mean For San Francisco 49ers?

By Dylan Hughes
Kelley L. Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers played their first preseason game of the 2013 season on Thursday night as they hosted the Denver Broncos. Colin Kaepernick is the obvious starting quarterback for San Francisco, but there is a heated battle for the second-string position between Scott Tolzien and Colt McCoy.

After Thursday night, Tolzien may have taken the advantage.

Not only did Tolzien outperform McCoy on the field, but McCoy may have an injury that could negatively affect his passing. McCoy reportedly sustained an injury in his right neck/shoulder area when rushing for a one-yard loss late in the first half. He stayed in for three more plays, and was then picked off by safety Mike Adams after overthrowing WR A.J. Jenkins.

McCoy doesn’t believe the injury is serious and is just getting the MRI for precautionary reasons. “These things are always different when you’re dealing with nerves and stingers and stuff. You never know,” McCoy commented to NBCSports.com.

McCoy was 3-of-7 with 41 yards and an interception. Tolzien was 15-of-26 for 158 yards and threw an interception as well. After the events that went down in San Francisco’s first preseason game, it seems that Tolzien has taken the lead for the second-string QB position. Obviously, if McCoy didn’t get hurt, he would have stayed in longer and could have beefed up his stats, but Tolzien was still impressive nonetheless.

If McCoy’s injury really isn’t too bad like he says, hopefully he will be back in time for the team’s next game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday, August 16.

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