David Wilson Makes Huge Mistake By Taking His Frustrations to Twitter

By Andrew Fisher
David Wilson
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Just hours after Antrel Rolle said that David Wilson ‘can either get in the tank, or he can man up,’ the running back has made a foolish mistake. As athletes often do these days, Wilson took to Twitter to voice his frustrations:

Really? Irrelevant?

Clearly, the second-year running back is very upset with himself for his performance on Sunday night. His two fumbles landed him back in Tom Coughlin‘s dog house and of course upset the New York faithful that had such high hopes for him. That sort of thing is going to happen when you turn the ball over. Sure, nobody is probably more upset than Wilson himself, but this Twitter comment is inexcusable.

This tweet sounds like it’s coming from an immature individual. There’s nothing wrong with tweeting your feelings from time to time, but to call fans irrelevant, was just flat out dumb.

You can bet that Coughlin isn’t going to like this one bit. Now, Wilson has no other option but to come out and perform at the high level many expected him to. If he doesn’t, fans will turn on him in a heartbeat. They don’t forget comments like this unless there are results in the box score.


Rolle’s Comments Right on the Money


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