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Five Reasons The 49ers Will Lose To The Seattle Seahawks In Week 2

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Why The San Francisco 49ers Will Lose To The Seattle Seahawks

Why The San Francisco 49ers Will Lose To The Seattle Seahawks In Week 2

Sunday night's meeting in Seattle between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers is arguably the most intriguing NFC matchup of Week 2.

In Week 1, San Francisco defeated the Green Bay Packers in their first game since losing the Super Bowl in February. Meanwhile, the Seahawks are 1-0 on this young season, and are the favorite by many to represent the NFC in this year's Super Bowl. San Francisco will try to change the minds of many pundits this weekend, with what would be a very tough road win.

Fans of both teams remember how their last meeting ended — a very convincing 42-13 win at home for the Seahawks. The 49ers simply looked outwitted and outclassed by Seattle in Week 16 last season, and it shouldn't be a surprise if a similar scoreline results from this weekend's clash.

There's no debate that the 49ers and Seahawks are two of the best teams in the NFL, and their game this week will end up being the most hard fought game of Week 2. Eyes from all around the football universe will be fixated on these two teams as they battle it out under the bright lights.

Seattle's "12th Man" will undoubtedly show up in full force for this NFC West showdown. It is the loudest crowd in the NFL and one of many reasons the Seahawks have an upper hand at home.

Here are five reasons why Seattle will shine again at CenturyLink Field. All signs point to a Seahawks victory over the 49ers in Week 2.

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The Noise

The Noise

The Seattle Seahawks are 56-24 at home since 2003. That should do enough speaking for itself. Last season, the Seahawks went undefeated, 8-0, at home. The 12th Man in Seattle is the loudest and most raucous crowd in the NFL. Seattle's home record is evidence that the team feeds off the crowd's enormous energy. If that's not enough, rumor has that Seahawks fans will try and break the stadium roar record of 131.76 decibels. Seattle's home-field advantage is easily the top reason the San Francisco 49ers will lose in Week 2.

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The Chip On The Seattle Seahawks' Shoulder

The Chip On Seahawks' Shoulder

The Seahawks defeated the 49ers 42-13 in Week 16 last season in Seattle. That win established the Seahawks as a legitimate contender, and their early departure from the playoffs must have put a chip on the team's shoulder. Many pundits have selected the Seahawks to win this year's Super Bowl, and the team is determined to beat the 49ers to cement their position as the NFC favorite. Plus, Anthony Dixon calling Seattle the "She-hawks" didn't help either.

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Richard Sherman

Reason #3: Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is the best cornerback the 49ers have seen this young season. The Packers don't have a pass defender close to the talent Sherman possesses. Wide receiver Anquan Boldin was able to run free against Green Bay in Week 1, but don't expect him to exhibit the same explosive performance in Seattle — Sherman will be on him. Sherman will do a much better job covering the 49ers' new No. 1 receiver, which could trouble quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who found Boldin 13 times last week.

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Seattle Defense

Reason #4: Seattle Defense

It's no secret that the Seattle defense dominated in the Week 16 meeting last season. Kaepernick struggled mightily, completing just 19 of 36 passes for 244 yards and a single touchdown. Seattle 'D' also held the 49ers' rushing staff to just 82 yards, the secondowest during the entire 2012 season. There should be no surprise if the 49ers' offense struggles again this time around. Seattle definitely has what it takes to display a repeat performance.

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Marshawn Lynch's 'Beastmode'

Reason #5: Marshawn Lynch 'Beastmode'

The 49ers should be hoping that with this "She-hawks" trash talk, Marshawn Lynch's "Beastmode" isn't unleashed. When Lynch gets mad, he runs hard. Even though the 49ers have arguably the best linebacker crew in the NFL with Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman, Lynch can still do significant damage. Should "Beastmode" show up, the 49ers will have to work twice as hard covering Lynch and quarterback Russel Wilson on the road. If both players are performing well, they could be more than San Francisco can handle.