Adrian Peterson Rightly Backs Christian Ponder, But Only Wins Can Save Him Moving Forward

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been an extremely rough start for the Minnesota Vikings in 2013. The team has started the season 0-3 and put itself in major jeopardy of making it back to the playoffs for a second consecutive year. There’s plenty of blame to go around in Minnesota, but the fans pointed most of it at Christian Ponder on Sunday. The third-year quarterback played well for the most part, but he also made a few throws that were questionable at best. This caused the Minnesota faithful to rain down boos upon him on multiple occasions.

Star running back Adrian Peterson quickly came to his QB’s defense following the contest:

“I got his back. He scored two touchdowns and kept us in the game. They were cheering him when he scored and booing him when a pass wasn’t as good as they wanted it.”

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Peterson is right. Ponder’s two touchdowns did keep the Vikings in the game. The only problem is that he scored both of them with his legs. A touchdown is a touchdown, but sooner or later, Ponder has to start scoring some with his arm. Thus far in 2013, he’s only tossed two through the air, while throwing five interceptions. That ratio isn’t going to get the job done on any level.

I know fans want to blame Ponder and push him out the door, but he doesn’t deserve all the blame for the Vikings loss on Sunday. AP was right to defend him, but moving forward, wins will be the only thing that can save his job.


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