Philadelphia Eagles' Defense Will Defy Logic, Ending Peyton Manning's Sorcery

By williambontrager
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

What is really wrong with the defense of the Philadelphia Eagles and can they get it together to out-execute a rolling Denver Broncos‘ offense? After listening to defensive coordinator Billy Davis and corner back Cary Williams, expect no miracles on Sunday. They both are approaching the contest as a chance to get better as a team.

That is fine. But for fans that are desperate for a win, it may be a bitter pill to choke down. This may be the beginning of the end of the season, slinging the young team’s confidence in the mud.

The man to do so seems to just wave his hands and creates touchdowns. That is Peyton Manning.

Billy Davis described Peyton Manning as an all-seeing, almost-omniscient supernatural being on the football field. The mystical experience of the wizard Manning is even able to tell by his opponents eyes whether he is coming, backing off, and which direction he is blitzing from.

He gets the ball off too quick when he strays to the weaker side, and when he has a wall of protection he can throw 70 yard passes to any number of his receivers. But Davis is not admitting defeat. At least, he is not admitting it to the media. But the praise he showered on No. 18 was sickening, even if it may be true.

Cary Williams is slightly more optimistic because he witnessed Manning getting rattled in the pocket, causing the Baltimore Ravens to win a historical playoff game against the Denver Broncos in their own frozen habitat. He mimicked Davis’ sentiments but maintained that it is possible to toss Manning off his gilded throne.

However, both were adamant that the type of defense needed is a disciplined one, and a unit that functions cohesively. Unfortunately, that is not the current type of defense for the Eagles, who are young, inexperienced, and still getting used to each other.

I am going against all logic though and predicting that Manning throws his first interception, and the defensive line has a stellar game. Sometimes you need a little luck in the NFL. Despite the sayings of most experts, the miracle is going too happen Sunday and temporarily end Manning’s sorcery.

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