Will the Kansas City Chiefs' Hot Start Continue?

By Trevor Lowry
Kansas City Chiefs
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs were just 2-14 last season. The complete opposite has been the case this season as they are currently 3-0. However, will their hot start continue?

I don’t see why not? Kansas City has allowed just 11.3 points per game. Sure, that was to three teams that did not make the playoffs last season, but Tony Romo and co. are usually a solid team until the playoffs start and the Philadelphia Eagles have a high-powered scoring offense… so far.

Holding a team to just two points is pretty impressive as well, which is exactly what the Chiefs did to the Jacksonville Jaguars… on the road.

With that said, fans should not get too excited until Kansas City actually beats a playoff worthy team. No offense to the three teams that it has faced so far, but none of them made the playoffs last year. Luckily for this team, it has some very winnable games until it meets with the Denver Broncos on Nov. 17. If the Chiefs can somehow come away with a win in that one, then people should get really excited.

Kansas City does meet up with Houston on Oct. 20, which will not be an easy game to say the least.

What Andy Reid and the Chiefs have done so far is great, though, and should not be underplayed. They were the worst team in the NFL last year and are now undefeated three weeks into this season.

Who knows if this is a playoff team yet, but they are well on their way to being one.

Alex Smith is averaging just 206 passing yards per game, but he also hasn’t thrown a single interception. He does need to get better, but I doubt he will ever lead the league in passing yards or anything like that.

Still, Kansas City is off to a great start and it could continue for awhile.

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