The Kansas City Chiefs Have People Talking

By Troy Alan
Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

People everywhere are talking about the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans are rejuvenated, happy and regaining their swagger. The Chiefs are 4-0, after defeating the New York Giants 31-7 on Sunday, and it’s not going without notice.

A friend texted me during the game. “You have got to be on the edge of your seat and making some noise. On the radio, it sounds like a real (expletive) good game.”

I was awakened this morning by another text.

John Dorsey deserves credit too. Brandon Flowers was out, two tight ends were out, two offensive lineman end up out… and the Chiefs still win. Sean McGrath? Marcus CooperGeoff SchwartzKevin Brock? All of those players made solid contributions, ” it read.

I stopped in to get some beer for tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints. The liquor store cashier was all decked out in Chiefs attire. “How ’bout them Chiefs?” he asked.

He informed me that he thought Andy Reid and Alex Smith were the answer, and this could be the year for them.

I told him a knock-knock joke I had seen on Facebook. Kansas City head coach, Reid, says “Knock, knock” to Tom Coughlin. The Giants coach replies “Who’s there?”
“Foreign,” Andy answers. “Foreign who?” I’m sure you want to know… “4-0”!

We chuckled, and as I was leaving he shouted “Go Chiefs!” A customer that was walking in as I exited replied “Hell ya!”

Kansas City fans are buzzing about their team, from top to bottom. General manager Dorsey, coach Reid and quarterback Smith are garnering the majority of the praise, but even former practice squad players are being noticed. The lead article on the official Chiefs website when I logged on today was about former third-string tight end McGrath. It mentioned his touchdown catch against New York, but was titled “The Man Behind The Beard.”

When the media is more concerned with a player’s facial hair than scoring, life is good (Proof of that to come in another article.)

Everyone’s invited to the Chiefs’ party. If we’re holding at my house, however, it’s BYOB. I bought a four pack. One for each Kansas City win this season, and I’m enjoying every one of them myself.

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