Philadelphia Eagles: The End of Chip Kelly's Offense

By Matt Shaner
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

I hate to break it to you Philadelphia Eagles fans, but Chip Kelly‘s offense is over.

When Kelly was signed, the biggest draw for Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie came in the form of a dynamic coach with a high-powered offense. What he lacked in experience, he provided in innovation. This was the guy that Bill Belichick advised to shape his offense. Kelly came in with a huge ceiling and potential upside that he put on display in Week 1.

That display was it. The packaged plays have vanished. Yes, Kelly still runs some read-option but the wrinkles, quick-screens and unique formations are gone. This group is showing massive shades of influence from Pat Shurmur‘s conservative coaching style. So what happened?

A grand realization may have hit as Kelly has to know he does not have the staff to run his plays. The receivers aren’t good enough. LeSean McCoy can carry the load when the offensive line decides to block people. Michael Vick has regressed and now finds himself with a leg injury, not something surprising for a quarterback who has only ever played one full season.

The last three games have looked way more Andy Reid than Kelly’s fast-break tendencies.

He has either grown up or given up, and both options are disturbing as neither affirms Kelly’s hiring and long-term contract. If he has yielded to Shurmur, then it won’t be long to see this group fully embrace the form of last season. If he has given up, then what’s the point? Fans are still waiting for the return of the Kelly offense.

We want aggressive play calling, quick moves and having the foot on the gas for an entire game. It remains to be seen if fans will ever get it back.

Or maybe Kelly is fooling us all and biding his time for a return to an offense that dazzled fans at the start of the season. If he wants to maintain success, this is the only option — it’s time to get back to work.

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