Seattle Seahawks: Turnover Battle Key to Beating Arizona Cardinals

By Todd Pheifer
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks need to take better care of the ball. Period.

There are some concepts in football that are hard to explain or understand. Certainly fans can get lost in the complexities of defensive coverages or elaborate offensive schemes. However, the turnover thing is not difficult to grasp.

Ready? Don’t give the ball to the other team. Everyone understand? Good.

Statistically, Seattle put themselves in a very bad position against the Tennessee Titans. The Seahawks did win the game, but you simply cannot put the ball on the turf five times in an NFL game. Seattle has talent to spare, but they cannot make that many mistakes in the playoffs.

When the Seahawks play the Arizona Cardinals, they must take care of the ball. That reality needs very little explanation or further details. Fumbles kill promising drives and allow the momentum to shift very quickly.

This is becoming a semi-alarming trend. Seattle had five fumbles against the Titans, two fumbles the prior week against the Indianapolis Colts, and three fumbles the week before that against the Houston Texans.

Granted, the Seahawks are recovering some of these miscues, but this is a dangerous way to play football. In addition, Seattle is still tied with the Chicago Bears for the best takeaway/giveaway ratio in the league (+7). That is positive takeaway from this particular issue (no pun intended).

Now, obviously Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the rest of the ‘Hawks are not doing this on purpose. Still, it is something to keep talking about and working on in practice.

This team has enough talent to win the Super Bowl. The only thing that will derail this franchise is major injuries and mistakes. Fumbles are mistakes that must be minimized. Otherwise, a very promising season could end in disappointment.

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