New York Jets' Bart Scott Anxious to Invade CBS' 'The NFL Today'

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Bart Scott
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the New York Jets all remember the kind of player former linebacker Bart Scott was. A hard-hitting, in-your-face kind of athlete, and you were sure to hear him on every down when he screamed for blood against the opposition. Often criticized for being just a bit too over the top, Scott now has a huge opportunity to showcase his analysis ability to the masses via a very popular NFL pregame show.

Scott has officially been hired by CBS for their pregame show, The NFL Today. That’s not only the major change coming to the show as they also hired recently retired tight end Tony Gonzalez. With these new acquisitions, CBS has decided to part ways with longtime analysts Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe. Apparently these plans were in place a few months ago as the show wanted to infuse more recently-retired players to inject some better analysis and original insight into each pregame show.

Scott is no stranger to the sports analyst role as shortly after his retirement in 2012, he spent last year on CBS’ The Other Pre-Game Show where his antics made him quite popular when it came to ratings. As he was gaining a good following, it only made sense for him to get promoted to one of their flagship shows. The new NFL analyst team will now consist of Scott, Gonzalez, Bill Cowher, James Brown and Boomer Esiason. It’s only a matter of time before Scott’s style that he displayed on the field hits the main spotlight in the sports media world. Ironically enough, he was always getting fines and private conversations from higher-ups about his antics against the media during his playing days. He was even fined $10,000 by the Jets for getting into a heated altercation with a sports photographer simply doing his job.

Eleven seasons in the NFL will surely provide Scott with plenty of experience to bring a unique and fresh style to what should be some intelligent pregame show commentary. It’s also the first time that two former Jets legends will be on the same analyst team to pick apart some of the biggest headlines and games the NFL will offer for this upcoming season. One can only imagine what new quotes Scott will create on the show, except this time, behind a sports desk.

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