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New York Jets Rumors: Michael Vick Should Pass on Joining Team

Michael Vick

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We’ve been hearing Michael Vick to the New York Jets rumors for awhile now. Many have proclaimed that Vick would be the ‘perfect fit’ behind Geno Smith. He’s a veteran with lots of snaps under his belt and he could surely help Smith out a lot, both on and off the field. It now appears that Vick to the Jets could actually happen. Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Jets have emerged as a realistic landing spot for the veteran QB — but should he sign there? Is it best for his career?

Based on what Vick has said in past interviews, it seems pretty clear to me that he wants to start in 2014. That’s simply not going to happen in New York.

But the real question, is whether any team will still want Vick as their starter? Has he shown enough over the last couple of years for a team to roll the dice on him in 2014?

Most people will say that Vick’s starting days are over. I think they more than likely are over, but I also think there are teams that can afford to take a chance on him. Because even after all the up-and-down play we’ve seen from Vick over the years, there’s still a chance he could catch lightning in a bottle for one last run.

Is Vick likely to have one of his best seasons at 34-years of age? No. But there’s no doubt he can still play. It’s a matter of putting him in the right situation, a matter of him staying healthy and a matter of him taking better care of the football. Those three things will never align for Vick in New York.

We’ll know a lot more about the aging QB’s mindset here in a couple weeks with the start of free agency. If he ultimately ends up signing with the Jets, we’ll know he’s waved the white flag on his dream of landing a starting gig one last time. If he’s okay with being a backup, then he should sign in New York. If he’s not, he’s best served to try his luck elsewhere.


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