Apple Daily Keeps Tabs on the NHL Lockout Mess

By Emma Harger
Screencapture of YouTube video

Taiwanese news outlet Apple Daily is famous for its unusual method of delivering the news–using exaggerated animated cartoon videos with lots of symbolism, Looney Tunes-type sight gags and cartoonish violence. Apple Daily tackles stories of all sorts, including serious stuff like government misdeeds and such, but the site has also taken note of the NHL.

In the past, Apple Daily offered up their take on the tumultuous quarterfinal round of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs and then the Stanley Cup Final. (Seems so long ago now, doesn’t it?) Now, with their famously quick turnaround time so they can make videos while the news is still as fresh as a newly-picked apple, Apple Daily serves up their view of the latest chapter in the 2012 NHL lockout mess.

Apple Daily piles on the symbolism, showing Gary Bettman using a Zamboni to steer three amorphous player-looking people into a jail cell labeled LOCKOUT, then slamming the bars shut behind them. (The obviously photoshopped image that follows of Bettman’s head on the body of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers got me actually, truly laughing out loud.)

Then, Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos and Phil Kessel are on a roller coaster with NHLPA head Donald Fehr, arms waving joyously, looking like they’re heading towards the word AGREEMENT at the top of a hill. Right before the drop, a giant cell phone with Bill Daly‘s face on it descends, declaring REJECT and sending the roller coaster car flying off the tracks. This is, of course, referencing the way that what sounded like a surefire path to a new CBA was summarily rejected via a voicemail.

It’s back to the prison, where now the trio is obviously Crosby, Stamkos and Kessel. They see a deal being wheeled towards them and their cell opens, so once again comes the celebration–and then Crosby winds up and takes a slap shot at a guy in a suit who might be representing Daly, beheading him and causing a Kill Bill-type spurt of blood. No, seriously.

That was not to pass as Bettman appears again, toting a huge vacuum cleaner that he uses to suck up money and the trio’s clothing, leaving them shivering in boxer shorts. They’re tossed back in the cell and Bettman’s eyes shine red as he does a little victory dance (as seen above), then uses a flaming arrow to set the NHL logo on fire. Talk about your symbolism!

The video is in Cantonese, but with English subtitles:

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