New York Rangers' GM Glen Sather Showing Once Again Why He Should Retire

By Steven Carollo
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Glen Sather took over as the New York Rangers GM for life in 2000 and has developed a love/hate …mostly hate … relationship with Rangers’ fans ever since.

Since 2000, it took Sather six years to finally put a playoff-caliber team on the ice, as the first five consisted of four losing seasons and a lockout. Since 2006, the Rangers have made it to the playoffs every season except one but have really floated in mediocrity in all of those seasons. Only in the 2011-12 season were the Rangers an actual threat in the Eastern Conference, as they finished the season in the No. 1 spot of the conference and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals before they were eliminated. Other than that year, the Rangers have never really been considered a legitimate Stanley Cup contender under Sather’s reign. So why is he still the Rangers’ GM you ask?

Well, Rangers’ owner James Dolan knows absolutely nothing about hockey or running a team so he trusts Sather to handle everything and would be literally lost without him.

This is why Sather has developed a nickname as Rangers’ GM for life because it is a very strong possibility that he will be the Rangers GM until he retires or passes away.

However, I think Sather really needs to think about retiring sooner rather than later. Like how about right now?

Since 2000, the Rangers have brought in high priced free agents that just never seem to work out. Bobby HolikScott GomezChris DruryWade ReddenBrad Richards and the list goes on and on.

Richards is the most current of the Rangers free-agent signings who is getting paid a ridiculous amount of cash and during this offseason. With the NHL having a salary cap, plus the Rangers limited flexibility towards said cap, everyone around the world who follows hockey expected Sather to buy Richards out of his contract. Of course, Sather did not and kept him on the roster.

Sather did make one move worth noting during the offseason and that was firing now ex-head coach of the Rangers, John Tortorella, who preaches a conservative style of play, and hired current Rangers head coach Alain Vigneault, who preaches a more offense style of play. However, what Sather failed to do was acquire players to fit Vigneault’s system. This has resulted in a Rangers team built around Tortorella but now being lead by Vigneault and it has been a total disaster thus far, as the Rangers’ last game ended in an embarrassing 9-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks.

If the Rangers actually had a competent owner, Sather would have been out on his behind years ago. Once a great coach and GM for the Edmonton Oilers, Sather is now an old joke who is way past his prime and seriously needs to hang it up before he embarrasses himself and the fans any further.

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