Ric Flair Pulled From WWE SummerSlam And Needs To Go Away

By Jon Fisher
Image Courtesy of the Official Ric Flair Facebook Page

For those who love and adore Ric Flair, I suggest you close this article immediately. I’m not going to be very nice, caring or thoughtful in this piece. Anyone that can remember my former stories know that I handle each article with thought and care for my readers. However, this is inexcusable.

It was reported that major backstage heat was given to Ric Flair. Here is proof: E-Wrestling News found video that Flair was drunk during the WWE 2K14 30 Years of WrestleMania panel.

When I read the news, it didn’t surprise me. He has always had the reputation of being stupid with money, alchohol and women. The last time I counted, he had four ex-wives. If that is true, then he could be worse with females than King Henry the VIII.

Flair used to be a role model for young adults growing up in the 80s who were wrestling fans from the beginning. His days with the Four Horsemen were legendary.

Today, he is far from a legend, but rather a joke.

An update from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that Flair is in more trouble than we originally perceived.

Flair was reportedly going to make a surprise appearance at SummerSlam, but due to the situation at the 2K event, that appearance was cancelled. Flair’s actions at the event may have also cost him a job with WWE, and he was negotiating a new deal with WWE, which would have seen Flair doing PR work for the company.

As a fan, I’m appalled at the video mentioned earlier in the article and at this report. You would think after his son tragically died and with his daughter in NXT, his next act would clean up.

That is why Flair should just go away. He isn’t need anywhere in professional wrestling, except for helping his only daughter get better. As for WWE television or PR events, his presence isn’t needed anymore. I guess some people never learn.

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