Low Ki Retires Too Early From Wrestling

By Damian Seeto
Low Ki Retires
Image from Low Ki – Twitter

Independent wrestler Low Ki has just announced he is walking away from professional wrestling for good.

Although Low Ki is the name he is usually billed as, he wrestled under the names of Senshi in TNA and Kaval in WWE. Low Ki started gaining recognition in Ring of Honor before becoming more famous in TNA.

The main reason Low Ki is retiring from wrestling is because All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) didn’t pay for his medical care after he got injured. They did not honor their contractual obligation to him, so now he’s walking away from the business for good.

This is sad news because I thought Low Ki was a wrestler that had a lot of potential. I remember watching him when he was in TNA and he had a ton of great matches. He and the rest of the X Division knew how to display entertaining, fast-paced style of matches.

When he went to the WWE, they did not know how to treat him properly. They paired him up with Michelle McCool and Layla and he looked like a fool. Not to mention, WWE focuses more on “character” than in-ring performances. After WWE booked him on a losing streak, he asked to be released of his contract even though he was the winner of NXT season two.

It appears Low Ki got sick of the backstage politics that happens in professional wrestling so has decided to retire early. He’s still only 34-years old, which is very young for a professional wrestler. Whatever he does in the future, I wish him luck.

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