WWE Needs To Fix CM Punk Situation Fast

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk Issue Not Resolved
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

WWE seriously needs to address the CM Punk situation as soon as possible because the fans will hijack every show if they keep quiet on the whole thing.

I’m sure many people have heard that Punk left the company without warning earlier this week. All signs say that him leaving the company is legitimate. Neither Punk nor WWE has made any comments to the situation, but fans have been very vocal about it.

Fans were chanting “CM Punk” all night long during the NXT tapings this week. Even though security banned “CM Punk” signs, this did not stop fans from chanting his name loud and proud. WWE has also been bombarded in social media as their Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts have thousands of people demanding that they bring Punk back.

With Raw coming up next week, I’m sure fans will be chanting his name all night long. WWE is doing the wrong thing by ignoring Punk altogether because this will only make fans more angry towards them. They also need to address the issue soon because they have the WWE Network out in February and WrestleMania XXX looms in April. A lot of fans have said they will not buy the network and/or WrestleMania XX until Punk comes back.

WWE really needs to convince Punk to come back, or at least release a statement of some kind. From what I have been hearing, Punk’s health is not 100 percent which is part of the reason he left. If Punk were to go on Raw one day and announce he needs to “retire”, only then will fans forgive both parties. Fans didn’t moan when Edge retired because of his injuries. They respected his decision and everyone moved on.

If Punk and WWE continue to stay quiet, fans will only get louder. WWE needs to fix this situation ASAP, because crowds will hijack every show until a solution is made. The company will look very bad if it continues to hide the truth from fans and dictate how they should act and behave during shows. They might also lose a lot of money if fans are true to their word and don’t purchase the WWE Network and WrestleMania XXX as a protest to the whole thing.

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