"The Most Annoying Barcelona Team Ever" and Other Quotes from the Week

By Eric Imhof

Nietzsche once asked, “What do I care about the purring of one who cannot love, like the cat?” When I asked my friend, who brought this quote to my attention, whether she selected it for its misogyny or anti-cat attitude (considering that it could be read in at least these two ways), she responded: “The fact that the two can be so seamlessly interwoven.” Touché.

Here are some other gems from this week:

“Not that I want to get into a playground argument, but N O’Reilly’s email this morning really irked me. I quote – CRonaldo does the same thing over and over and over again.’ [sic] What’s that? Score free-kicks, penalties, left foot, right foot, headers, 30 yard screamers, tap-ins, curlers – yes but he does the same thing over and over again. As opposed to Messi who scores the same bloody chip every single match!”

– Aaron, Football365 commenter, in today’s mailbox

“United is easy. We could lose or we could win, but it is easy. Against United or Chelsea, our concentration will be 100%. Norwich will be tough because we have had two days to recover after West Brom.”

– Roberto Mancini, quoted by the BBC, playing mind-games, presumably, about City’s upcoming matches

“This week it is the turn of Chelsea to flail around Stamford Bridge in pursuit of the usual clique of Velcro-touch ball-hogs. And with this in mind perhaps it is worth taking stock for a moment. We may be witnessing a generational high here. These things are always hard to measure – but the fact is this may be the most annoying Barcelona team ever.”

– Barney Ronay, in this post on the Guardian Sport blog

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